Sofiiska Banitsa, translated as Pastry of Sofia: is a banitsa shop that is a dream come true! Pastry of Sofia is the go-to bakery of countless generations of Sofia residents, guests of the city and tourists from abroad. The pastries here are made with real, pure cow’s butter, cow’s cheese and countless other premium products among witch a substantial selection of vegan and vegetarian choices. It is thus how our recognizable, rich taste is achieved, and it brings our customers back to us again and again.

In our assortment, we have unexpected combinations such as banitsa (pie) with bacon, cheese and pickles, as well as banitsa with pumpkin and butter. We can also offer our own palette of traditional drinks such as boza (a traditional malt drink) and ayran (a refreshing yoghurt drink similar to the Indian lassi).

You are most welcome to pay us a visit!