This is a list of food tours in Europe

The list consists of city food walks.  It is made for travelers with limited time, but interested in experiencing the city they are visiting through local food. We have not included any food experiences that last for more than few hours.

We are not claiming that the list is full, so if you know of a food tour that is not included here, please feel free to get in touch with us here.



Vienna Vienna Food Walk


Vienna – Wiener Sinnestour

Salzburg – Salzburg Experience



Brussles – Brussels Chocolate Tours

Brussels – Culinary Evening Tour



Sofia – Balkan Bites Food Tours



Zagreb – Zagrebites

Zagreb – Zagreb Gourmet Tour

Split – Split Culinary Tours

Ližnjan – Eat Istria



Prague – Eating Prague Tours

Prague – Prague Food Tour

Prague – Taste of Prague

Prague – Eat with locals

Prague – Prague Foodies



Copenhagen – Copenhagen Food Tours



Paris – Culinary Tours of Paris

Paris – Paris by mouth

Paris – Secret Food Tours

Paris – Bustronome

Paris – Tour 4 Foodies

Paris – The French Way

Nice – A Taste of Nice

Nice – The French Way



Berlin – Berlin Food Tour

Berlin – The German Food Tour

Berlin – Berlin Fat Tire Bike Tours

Augsburg – Eat the World

Berlin – Eat the World

Bremen – Eat the World

Cologne – Eat the World

Dresden – Eat the World

Duesseldorf – Eat the World

Frankfurt – Eat the World

Hamburg – Eat the World

Hanover – Eat the World

Leipzig – Eat the World

Munich – Eat the World

Muenster – Eat the World

Potsdam – Eat the World

Stuttgart – Eat the World



Athens – Athens Food Tour

Athens – Beyond Feta, a Food Tour of Athens

Thessaloniki – Eat and Walk



Amsterdam – Eating Amsterdam Tours

Amsterdam – Hungry Birds, Amsterdam Private Street Food Tours

Amsterdam – Amsterdam Delicious Food Tours



Budapest – Taste Hungary

Budapest – Budapest Food and Wine Tour

Budapest – Budapest Market Hall



Rome – Eating Italy Food Tours

Rome – Food Tours of Rome

Rome – Food Tour Rome

Rome – Gourmetaly

Rome – Elizabeth Minchilli Rome

Rome – Vino Roma

Rome – Do Eat Better Food Tours

Rome – Wine and Food of Rome

Rome – Tavole Romane food Tours

Rome – Food Lover’s Tour

Palermo – STREAT Palermo

Palermo – Palermo Street Food

Naples – Eatin Italy Food Tours

Naples – Food Tours of Naples

Florence – Florence for Foodies

Bologna – Bluone

Parma – Food Tours in Parma

Milan – Milan Food Tours



Krakow – Eat Krakow



Porto – Taste Porto Food Tours

Porto – CataVino / Porto Food Tour

Porto – Porto Food & Wine Tasting

Lisbon – Taste of Portugal

Lisbon – Cooking Lisbon

Lisbon – Eat Drink Walk

Lisbon – Taste of Lisboa

Lisbon – Eat Portugal Food Tours



Belgrade – Food and Culture Tour in Belgrade



Ljubljana – Ljubljana Food Tour

Ljubljana – Ljubljana Food Walks

Ljubljana Top Ljubljana Foods



Barcelona – Food Lover Tour

Barcelona – Gartournomic

Barcelona – Eat With 

Barcelona – Aborigens Barcelona – Personal Foodie Advisor

Barcelona – Culinary Backstreets

Barcelona – Devour Barcelona Food Tours

Barcelona – Barcelona Food Tour

Barcelona – City Bites Barcelona

Barcelona – Tapas Tours Barcelona

Madrid – Madrid Food Tour

Madrid – The Tapas and fine Wine of Madrid

Madrid – Gourmet Madrid

Madrid – Madrid Tapas Trail

Madrid – Madrid 5 Senses Tour

Granada – Granada Tapas Tours

Bilbao – Basque Taste



Istanbul – Istanbul Food Walks

Bodrum – Taste Bodrum Food Tours

Istanbul – Istanbul Eats

Istanbul – Culinary Backstreets

Istanbul – Istanbul Food Tour

Istanbul – Istanbul Food Tours

Istanbul – Delicious Istanbul



London – Eating London Tours