Mekitsa and Coffee is the only place in Sofia where you can get freshly fried mekitsa on the spot! The people behind the idea of the venue want to bring you back to the early days of your life when grandma used to bake mekitsa for breakfast on Saturday. 

They travelled across Bulgaria to investigate all kind of mekitsa receipts so that they can now proudly present to you their own receipt for mekitsa which is a secret of course.

Photo by Under the Line

Photo by Under the Line

Mekitsa and Coffee” is a small cozy coffee-house in the center of Sofia,  where everyone can try the traditional taste of Bulgarian mekitsa and warm up with a cup of coffee. Adriana Delkova, one of the owners, shares the story behind the creation of the coffee shop and why it concentrates exactly on mekitsi.


Q:   What is the story behind the creation of “Mekitsa and Coffee”?

A:  “Mekitsa and Coffee” is a conception which is fulfilled long after the idea for it was born. One of the owners, Martin, dreamed of opening a restaurant, specialized in making mekitsi, but didn’t do it until he met the right business partner – Adriana, who really got into the idea. Together they combined their favourite things (mekitsa and coffee) and created a coffee house with the conception to bring people back to their childhood –  when their grandmothers would make mekitsi for them with love on Sundays.

Q:   Why did you decide to offer mainly mekitsi?

A:   We did not have experience in this kind of business, so we wanted to make a good job of our main product and concentrate on it. Our idea wasn’t just to open a restaurant for food but to bring back something forgotten – a place, specialized in making mekitsi.

Q:  In your menu, there are traditional mekitsa recipes  (mekitsa with powdered sugar, with jam or cheese), but you also offer different modern combinations such as with basil pesto and halva and butter. Why did you decide to combine traditional tastes with more modern?

A:  Traditional mekitsi is something compulsory because everyone wants to try their favourite breakfast as they remember it from their childhood. Modern combinations are extraordinary and were hardly accepted by the clients in the beginning. Actually, they are not so different from the toppings we use for our pancakes or waffles. We started the business with the idea to revitalize the traditional mekitsa recipe in an innovative way.

Q:  Would you share a recipe from the menu?

A:   The classic recipes for desserts like “Skalichki” (Little rocks) and “Sladuk salam” (Sweet Salami) are easy to find on the internet.  The recipe for mekitsi is a secret one. We traveled around Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania to try different variations of the recipe. After we tried 6 recipes, we chose the one, that a respected cook from the past gave us.

Q:  Do you take part in different activities?

A:  We are open to participating in various interesting activities. We were glad to take part in the international food festival “Eat Brussels”,  representing Bulgaria in 2016 and 2017.



Photo by Under the Line