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Being one of the guides of Balkan bites is the most awesome experience in our great city! Food and cooking are a big passion of mine. I find food a very social thing, something that can gather people from different nationalities, ages, ethnicities. I love to meet new people, to travel and put myself out of my comfort zone. I am always curious of learning more about foreign countries, their cultures and trying various cusines. It is an experience a lot beyond just eating. It’s a way of exploring. I have graduaded from the National Academy of Arts so I love to create different crafts with my own hands. That is why I own a small gallery shop. The thing I value the most, however, is the good sense of humor so brace yourself for a good laugh!

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Olga just graduated in Tourism and is eager to follow the dream that started it all – meeting new cultures and learning more and more about the world and different places as well as her home – Bulgaria. She has always been a great fan of food and thinks that the national cuisine best captures the history, traditions and peculiar things about a certain country. That’s why she loves being a Food Guide so much. With a warm smile and a positive attitude she will take you on a one-of-a-kind adventure through the streets of Sofia. Come and learn about her favorite soup as a child – tarator, and all the other wonderful Bulgarian dishes the Balkan Bites Food Tour offers.

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My name is Elitsa Yovcheva and I am 25 years old. I have a degree in Psychology, but my real passion is theater. Now I study for a Drama theater director at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. I joined the team of Balkan Bites because I wanted to explore new horizons and see what is beyond the circle of my everyday life. Meeting my guests on the tour and introducing them to the charming food and cultural secrets of Bulgaria is an unique experience that makes me more open-minded, responsible and competent. I am planning to travel a lot as soon as I graduate, but now that I am still a student, I am happily involved in and devoted to this food adventure. I love to say that if I don’t have the chance to go and see the world right now, the world will come visit me. Each tour is an adventure to me. Which part of the world am I going to meet today?



Hrisi loves good food, good stories and good people and it’s only natural that she feels at home when guiding. That’s of course in the time when she doesn’t take care of cats, print 3D models or help monuments in Sofia look better. This may sound like a strange combination, but she knows that you can connect everything and everyone with cuisine and delitious drinks! She’s also a student at the Art Academy in Sofia and she’ll make sure that you have a colorful experience of Bulgaria! Just start talking about food or Game of Thrones and you’ll never feel the time flying!



If you’re looking for someone to brighten up your day, Emo is the guide for you! Currently a student in landscape architecture, he uses his free time between classes to run away from university and help out the guests of Sofia, offering them an entertaining and mouth-watering food tour !?Being the tour guide that he is, normally he prefers a more quiet and calm environment, as opposed to the big city one. Riding a bike in the summer, snowboarding during the winter, and hiking in the mountains all year long, this food enthusiast decided to expand his view of the world by meeting tourists from all over the continents. Hearing their part of the story, while sharing some knowledge about our local cuisine and food history is a necessity. Despite being a traditionalist, he doesn’t mind going out every Sunday evening at a fancy restaurant and trying something new. Because he also enjoys dancing every now and then, he just might show you a few steps to help with the food going down.



If you happen to be guided on your tour by Bojana, don’t worry all you need is to a have sense of humor and an interest in good food. She enjoys meeting people from all over the world, as long as you have some interesting stories to tell you will be safe. Originally from Varna she moved to Sofia to study and now is due to graduate this year. In her spare time she likes dressing up and hitting people with sticks, she calls it practicing Kendo ”The way of the japanese sword”. Don’t worry she is very friendly and definitely will make sure that you have a great time on your visit to Sofia.



Simona’s love and respect for Bulgarian cuisine has been fostered by the exquisite dishes of her grandmother – a professional cook at one of the best restaurants in Bulgaria. It is no wonder that when she was to spend some time in foreign lands, she craved the taste of home. And thus, she began demonstrating the wonders of her motherland’s meals to friends from near and far. Coming back to Bulgaria it was a natural choice to continue what she had already started and Balkan bites turned out to be the right opportunity. She’d love to guide you through the history of Balkan cuisine and culture and hopes to add some spice to the aftertaste of your journey.