logo_sunandmoonAt Sun Moon bakeries over 15 kinds of sourdough bread from flour freshly ground on a stone mill are prepared every day. The ancient tradition of sourdough bread, forgotten in our hectic lives, is revived by their homemade  variety of wholesome breads made with passion and love.

They use high-quality varieties and ancient grains like Spelt, Einkorn, Rye and more, which are grown with love and naturally – organic. Sun Moon works primarily with small local producers in Bulgaria and abroad. Bulgarian farmers help finding the ancient non-hybrid varieties of cereals.

The desire to offer delicious and healthy baked goods is not limited to bread. At Sun Moon over 25 kinds of healthy sweets  are prepared. Again, using mostly whole wheat flour, sweeten with brown sugar, honey, agave, stevia, or maple syrup. The cakes are mostly vegan (no animal products), raw, gluten-free and very, very tasty!