Skapto_NEUSkaptoburger is a working man’s/gal’s dream. Winner of the coveted King Burger Price for 2015 & 2016 it offers some of the finest burgers & beers in town.

Originally opened as a place to bring the Graduates from the American University in Blagoevgrad who live and work in Sofia (AUBG) together! The name stems from a play on the ancient Thracian name of Blagoevgrad – “SkaptoPara” (“skapto” means upper, local and “para” meaning meeting point) Skaptoburger is now an established artisan burger and beer restaurant that will overwhelm your sense. Although the burgers are not cheap they are priceless when you factor in value for money.


What is the history of the restaurant and how can you prepare a homie burger? Blagoi Birchov, operative manager of the restaurants for gourmet burgers “Skaptoburger” and “Skaptobara”, reveals everything you should know.



For how long have you worked in the food business?

–  I work in this field for 12 years. I am a manager for 10 years. I started working for the restaurants “Skaptoburger and “Skaptobara” 8 months ago, and I am responsible for the all of the operative activities, connected with the restaurants. At this moment I am working for developing the business and opening new places.

What is the idea behind the creation of “Skaptoburger”?

– The first restaurant opened 6 years ago as a place where the students from the American University could meet, drink beer and eat the typical American burgers in Blagoevgrad in a nice atmosphere. Gradually, it became so popular, that many citizens of Sofia and tourists start visiting it. So that led to opening the second restaurant “Skaptoburger”, which is located at “Tsar Shishman” street. Now we have 4 restaurant, one of them is in Plovdiv.

From where do you inspire the burgers’ recipes?

– Our bosses have spent a lot of time abroad, especially in the USA, where they gained experience and ideas, that they put in the first menu. In our restaurants, we have always encouraged our colleagues that have ideas for new recipes. We have a specialist who creates the recipes and takes care of the quality of the food in all of our restaurants.

From where do you take the products for the burgers?

– We use chilled veal and chicken meat. The vegetables are supplied every morning and the bread is kneaded and baked during the night, hours before the start of the working day. Part of our philosophy is to work only with fresh products in order for our clients to get high – quality food.

Do you have a favorite burger from the menu?

– I change my taste very often. However, there are three main things that are important for the final result – taste, look, extraordinariness. Every month we have new proposals which combine the three elements. We have also vegetarian burgers and soon there will be a new menu.

How do you prepare skaptoburgers?

– We do it with desire and care. We use brioche which we bake with butter. After that, we add our special burger sauce. We put freshly cut iceberg lettuce, tomato, and onion. We add the product to the veal with some English Cheddar cheese and bacon.

Do you take part in different activities?

– Everyone who works here knows the responsibility we have. We realize that the ideas we support and the messages we send through ads and social media influence our clients. So, this is the reason we try to participate in activities, that are similar to our concept and support important values and causes, topical for the society and the time, we are living in.