chezfefe-logoChez Fefe meets you with the real french macarons even 1758 km away from Paris.

Chez Fefe is a boutique in Bulgaria focused in the baking of traditional French macarons. “In 2014 we tried macarons for the first time and were so impressed that it became a mission for us to unravel the recipe of the perfect macarons and share the unique experience of the taste in Bulgaria.”

The owner- Fefe mastered her macarons making skills in one of the biggest culinary schools in Paris were the most important secret learned was that the good French macarons have no secret! “To achieve exceptional and flashy taste we use only the traditional technology of slow cooking with only natural ingredients. Our shells are made from roasted almonds, stuffed with classical ganche of pure chocolate. The flavors came only from fruits, flower waters and natural oils without any flavor enhancers and preservatives added.”

“We believe that the french macaron is not just a dessert, but a whole experience of pleasure and everyone deserves to have a touch to this French culinary masterpiece.”